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Experts at keeping you safe during COVID-19

As Government restrictions continue and we re-enter the Tiering system, we'll ensure that our tried and tested COVID-safe practices follow all the necessary guidance. Keeping our campers and our teams safe is our top priority.

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What to do before camp starts...

On this page, you'll find everything you need to make sure your child is ready for camp!

The first thing to do is complete a Camper Information Form - make sure you bring this on the first day of camp!

Download Camper Info FormDownload Camper Info Form

Childcare vouchers

We accept tax-free childcare and also accept all childcare vouchers from parents signed up to a scheme prior to closure in October 2018

Using childcare vouchers

Commercial package policy insurance

CPP insurance covers you for cancellation if your child is unwell and unable to attend. Discover more information on policies here.

More information about CPP

Frequently asked Questions

How can I contact Camp Beaumont to discuss my booking?

To speak to our friendly team Customer Experience team, please call us on 01603 851000 or use the online live chat facility (bottom right hand corner of your screen). Our offices are open from 8.30am to 5pm Monday to Friday. We operate extended hours midweek & on Saturdays in lead up to camp dates. If you wish to contact us out of hours, you can call us on the 01603 851000 and leave us a voicemail and we will call you back or you can leave us an offline chat message or email us.

How do I make a booking with Camp Beaumont?

Booking with Camp Beaumont couldn’t be easier! Once you have decided on your holiday period, venue and dates, you can book quickly and easily online. You can also place a booking over the phone by contacting our friendly sales team on 01603 851000, or contact us via live chat.

Are all the activities included or do I have to pay extra for some?

All the activities on the main camp timetable are included in your child’s booking with Camp Beaumont. The camp timetable will be available in the sign in/out area at camp and show what your child will be doing each day.

Do you provide lunch?

UPDATE: Due to current restrictions, lunches are not available as an added extra this year. Please provide a packed lunch for your child each day, plus a morning/afternoon snack.

We are able to provide a cold packed lunch at most of our camp locations for £6.50 per day for any parent who wishes for us to. The majority of parents provide a packed lunch for their child. Please note however we are a ‘nut-aware camp’ so please do not pack anything with nuts in it. We also recommend that you place ice blocks within the lunchbox to keep the food fresh until lunchtime.

Can I reserve my place by paying a deposit?

Yes, to pay just a 20% deposit now and the balance a week before camp, please contact our friendly Customer Experience team either by phone 01603 851000, email or via our live chat facility and they will set this up for you.

Can I pay in instalments?

We offer a low-deposit option for customers. You can pay 20% today and the balance just a week before camp! Simply contact our friendly Customer Experience team either by phone 01603 851000, email or via our live chat facility and they will set this up for you.

What payment options do you accept?

We have a number of different payment options. You can either pay viacredit/debit card (Visa/Mastercard - we don't currently accept American Express), Childcare Vouchers online or over the phone. Please note that Childcare Vouchers are accepted for 100% of the booking value up to 10 days before arrival. If you are booking within 2 days of the booking start date you will be required to pay by a credit/debit card at the time of booking.

We can now also offer a low deposit payment plan, pay 20% today and the balance a week before camp! Just contact our friendly Customer Experience team either by phone 01603 851000, email or via our live chat facility and they will set this up for you.

What is your policy on swimming?

UPDATE: Due to current restrictions, we may not be able to offer swimming during the Easter holidays this year. We will keep this page upto date once final guidance is received.

Swimming is an activity on offer at some (not all) of our sites – please check on your chosen venue page. Swimming is offered as a timetable option for children in the Magic (5-7), Active (8-11) and Teens age groups. Please note that if swimming is on offer, not all age groups will necessarily be timetabled to swim every day. Due to restrictions of numbers in the swimming pool and access times, we will timetable swimming to make it fair for each group. If your child does not wish to swim, that is fine with us – we will organise an alternative for them! When children arrive at the swimming pool, they will change in designated changing rooms then head to poolside for their swim test. The qualified lifeguards will first explain the rules of the swimming session then watch children swim a width of the pool and ensure that any child requiring armbands is wearing them. If you know your child needs armbands, please pack them for them. The staffing ratios: Playtime & Magic – 1:8 Active & Teens – 1:12 still apply in the swimming pool. Staff members will be in the water with children while lifeguards stay on poolside. Children will be monitored closely during their swimming session and at the end taken back to the changing rooms to get dressed and head back to their other activities!

What happens if it rains?

Of course, as much as we would love to rely on the Great British weather, we cannot always ensure the weather stays fine for your child’s time at camp! However, we do not let a little rain stop us. All timetables are planned with a ‘wet weather’ alternative which means that the majority of activities will still be able to take place indoors. Of course, there are some exceptions to this – but where an activity is missed because it cannot take place, we work our hardest to replace it with an equally enjoyable alternative

What if I have made a booking and wish to cancel?

You'll find your Terms & Conditions attached to your booking confirmation email, which explains our cancellation policy and any charges.

Is there anything my child cannot bring to camp?

Please note that as we are a ‘nut-aware camp,' we do not allow any food items with nuts.

When do your camps run?

We run camps throughout all the school holidays but dates vary between venues. For exact dates and the venues, have a look at the ‘Dates & Prices’ section of our website

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What are you doing to ensure everyone’s safety?

Having successfully and safely operated throughout, we have developed comprehensive tried and tested COVID-safe protocols. Visit our COVID policy for the latest on what we are doing to keep everyone safe.

Keep an eye on our blog and social media channels for further updates. Our goal is to continue to offer a much needed service to parents in the safest way possible and continue inspiring children throughout the school holidays.

If I cancel, can I get a refund?

If you cancel then our booking terms and conditions will apply as normal.

Are you allowed to open your camps under current guidance?

Yes, click here for the current government guidance.

What if I had booked but now you are closed the week that I booked for?

It is highly unlikely however if we are unable to operate camp for any reason, we will help you move your booking to anothe rholiday, offer you a credit note, or give you a full refund.

Are the children still being allocated to Group Bubbles?

We no longer are operating the group bubble system, we have groups of children of up to 24 with ratios of 1:8 (3-7 years old) and 1:12 (8+ years old). We always look where possible to keep our staff team working with our groups consistent.

Will you be testing your staff?

In line with government guidance we are no longer testing our staff butwill ensure that any staff that present symptoms do not attend for work.

Are the children required to wear a face mask?

No, however, they can if they wish to.

Do parents need to wear facemasks when dropping and collecting their children?

No, however, they can if they wish to.

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What is the structure of the day?

Depending on your child’s age and group, the structure of the day will vary slightly. Early Riser Sign In (£5 extra) takes place from 8:00 – 8:30am. Children can be dropped off and will be supervised by camp staff until Check In begins at 8:30. Check In lasts until 9:15am. During this time,staff will ensure children are settled and play games with them to warm them up for the day ahead!

For the rest of the day, children will participate in six activity sessions with frequent toilet, sun cream and water breaks, a break for lunch and a snack time for our campers under the age of 8. For three- and four-year-olds, sessions are slightly shorter – therefore children will participate in eight different activity sessions.

At 4:30, all children will be taken back to their Check Out points. Check Out runs from 4:30- 5:30pm and children will be entertained by camp staff until their adults come to collect them. At 5:30pm, Extra Slice begins(£5 extra) and lasts until 6pm when the camp day is officially over!

My child needs extra support, can they still attend camp?

If your child requires extra support, the best thing to do would be to get in contact with one of our Customer Experience team members on 01603 851000. You will have the opportunity to give information about your child's needs and the support required and we will endeavour to come up with a plan to enable your child to have the best time possible at Camp Beaumont.

We make these plans with parents and carers on an individual case basis and are happy to work with you on a plan which works for your child.If your child already has one-to-one support, we are happy for their one-to-one to attend camp with them to support them. All we will need is a copy of their DBS check and to see some identification! Throughout your child’s time at camp,we will ensure we communicate thoroughly about the parts of the plan which are/are not working and will make changes in collaboration with you to support your child.

Do you accept tax-free childcare?

The phasing out of childcare vouchers from 4th October 2018 was issued in line with the introduction of the government’s Tax Free Childcare initiative. Although we still accept the traditional form of vouchers to cover childcare costs, parents are increasingly beginning to move across to Tax Free payments. Choose to part-pay or pay in full by Tax Free Childcare when booking online by selecting ‘TaxFree Childcare’ in the Childcare Voucher dropdown box. We require your unique reference number for your child in order to allocate your payment to your booking, so we ask that this is please sent to our customer services team ( directly after making your payment. Your unique reference number can be easily found via your Government Gateway account. Please note that Tax Free Childcare payment cannot accept refunds. Please note: If you are booking within 14 days of camp start date, you will need to make full payment on your credit or debit card to secure the booking. We will then reimburse you the tax free amount when we receive them.

Do you have first aiders on site?

Yes we always have as a minimum of two paediatric trained first aiders onsite and. Depending on the size of the camp, we may have many more.

Do you accept children who are not potty trained?

Unfortunately, we do not accept children who are not potty trained. To attend our camps, each child must be fully potty trained.

How do you manage discipline and behaviour?

Positive reinforcement is the key for us at Camp Beaumont! We want all children who come to camp to enjoy their time with us and have the best holiday experience possible. If we see children behaving appropriately, we make sure to comment on and reward this behaviour. All staff have some behaviour management training which focuses on outlining rules and discussing why they are important, then managing children’s behaviour. Of course, we understand that in a new and exciting environment, children may need reminding of behaviour expectations – and to that end, each group will agree to a camp contract outlining the rules of our sites. These rules are designed in collaboration with campers to ensure they keep themselves and others safe and enable activities to be as enjoyable as possible! If a child is consistently breaking the rules and disrupting others, they will be taken aside and spoken to by a member of staff. A discussion will be had about why the rules are in place and why it is important to behave appropriately, then will be sent back to the group to enjoy the activity! In the case that a child is consistently not following the rules, this will be communicated to parents and carers. If a child’s behaviour puts them or someone else at risk, this becomes more serious. An Incident Report Form will be completed and details of what has happened communicated to parents. If a child’s behaviour at camp consistently puts themselves, others or staff members at risk or causes significant disruption to a group, parents or carers will be contacted and a warning given to that child. If this then continues, we reserve the right to prohibit a child from attending camp as a result of this.

What is the customer protection plan (CPP) & what does it cover?

CPP Insurance is arranged through Endsleigh Insurance Services Ltd and insured by AXA Travel Insurance. It is available at £1.26 per person per day booked and covers you in the case of cancellation if your child is unwell and unable to attend. For full details of this insurance, see refer to our booking conditions. If you decide to take out your own travel insurance, we recommend that you check that the policy covers adventure holidays – as many policies don't include these types of activities.

What if my child is ill and cannot come to camp?

If you have not purchased insurance then, depending on the camp’s availability, we may be able to transfer your child’s holiday to alter date but within the same holiday period to ensure they do not miss out.Please contact our Customer Experience team on 01603 851000 to discuss your options.

Unfortunately, if your child’s camp dates cannot be rearranged due to availability, we will not be able to offer a refund or credit note. If your child is unwell and cannot attend and you have purchased CPP insurance, please refer to the CPP guidance to find out more about your options.

What if I am delayed in collecting my child?

We understand that sometimes things happen outside of your control and you may be late collecting your child. Please give the camp a call as soon as you know that you may be late so that we know – the contact number is available on the camp location page of the website. If you are later than 5.30pm then we reserve the right to charge for Extra Slice, £5 up until 6pm. If later than 6pm then we reserve the right to charge £1 for every minute late. This is to cover the cost of the two team members that are required to stay. Don’t worry though, your child will be kept safe and entertained until you arrive.

How will my child be grouped?

We group children according to age in our four main age groups: Playtime (3 & 4 years old); Magic (5 to 7 years old); Active (8 to 11 years old); and Teens (12 to 16 years old). These groups may be split down further depending on the number of children into age groups (e.g. Magic could be split into 5s, 6s and 7s age groups). We have a maximum of 24 children per group and our staff to child ratios are as follows: Playtime & Magic – 1:8 Active & Teens – 1:12

Will my child need any money with them at camp?

No, we would strongly recommend that your child does not bring any money with them. Camp Beaumont cannot be held responsible for any money that goes missing whilst on camp. All of our camps only accept cashless methods of payment for any extras and merchandise.

Can I find out how my child’s day is going?

Our teams are extremely busy throughout the day ensuring that all of our campers are having the best time, so we would encourage you to speak with our team at collection time to get some feedback on how your child’s day was. If you really need to get in touch with the camp, you are able to do this by calling or emailing the camp directly using the contacts we'll send you the week before camp starts.

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