Know Before You Go!

Post Booking Questions

You will need to complete the Post Booking Questions in our booking system prior to arrival at camp. To do this, simply login to your account, click the three dots next to your booking and follow the prompts.

NB: If you arrive at Camp without completing the Post Booking Questions then you will be required to do so via your mobile device prior to checking your child in to Camp.

This information is crucial for our teams to ensure that your child has the very best care on our camps. It includes any medical information such as allergies that we need to know about, as well the best people to contact should we need to and those adults who are authorised to collect to ensure your child is kept safe. The Camp Management Team will also be available to discuss any additional points you feel we may need to know to ensure your child's welfare during camp.

Each time you make a booking you will just need to check that the Post Booking Question information is still correct and complete the declarations section ahead of attending camp.

Special Educational Needs & Disabilities

If your child has any behavioural patterns or special educational needs or disabilities that we should know about in advance, please drop our Customer Experience Team a call or an email with full details. They will discuss with you any adjustments or additional arrangements that are required to ensure your child(ren) are best cared for whilst enjoying their holiday.

The email address for our Customer Experience Team is or you can call if you would prefer on 01603 851 000 and our Customer Experience Team will be happy to help. You can find our SEND policy here.

Medication at Camp

If your child(ren) require any medication to be administered whilst they are with us at camp, including use of inhalers and epipens as and when required, please ensure that you complete the medication section of the Post Booking Questions online ahead of arriving at Camp.

Our camp team will receive the medication and confirm the details are correct on our system as you check your child in to camp. We have the facilities on camp to refrigerate medication if required.

What to wear & bring to camp

We recommend that all children wear named practical clothing and not their favourite brand new clothes. Suitable comfortable footwear such as training shoes are also recommended please refrain from any flip-flops, sandals and heelies as they can create health and safety issues.

We have created a handy 'What to wear & bring checklist' that you can use as a guide. To view the guide, simply download it below.

Do Not Bring

Mobile phones, hand held computer games, iPods/MP3 Players and water pistols/pumps are not permitted on camp at any time. These items will be confiscated and remain in the camp office until the end of a camp day.

Check the Weather

We run our camps all year round so it is essential to consider the weather to ensure your child(ren) are fully prepared.

When hot and sunny - Sun cream, sun hat and water bottles are essential.

When cold and wet – Warm clothes, waterproof coat and water bottles are essential.

We try to get outside as much as possible all year round so appropriate clothing for this will ensure your child(ren) gets maximum enjoyment.

Lunch & Snacks

Please ensure you pack a lunch for your child(ren). We would like to encourage a healthy lunch that will give them the fuel for an active day the only thing we don't allow is nuts. All our camps are nut aware!

We have a mid-morning and mid-afternoon break for a snack. Snacks are not provided by camp, so please bear this in mind when packing your child(ren)'s lunch and if you have booked a packed lunch with us that you will need to provide these snacks. Again please ensure these snacks are nut free, we recommend fruit or a snack bar.

Please ensure you include ice blocks in your child(ren)'s lunch box to keep their lunch as fresh as possible as we do not have refrigeration for lunches available onsite.

Lunch is provided as part of the programme at our Hobbledown Camp, however we still recommend packing some snacks for the morning and afternoon.

Swimming Kit

If your camp has a swimming pool then it is recommended that you bring swimming kit for your child on the first day and then you will be able to view the schedule for the week.

Spare Clothes

We recommend that all children on our Playtime programme (3 & 4 year olds) bring a spare set of clothes including underwear. Please note that all children who attend camp MUST be toilet trained.

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