Camp Checklist

Camp Information Forms

The camper information form should be completed, printed, signed and taken to camp on your child(ren)'s first morning.

NB: A new camper information form must be completed for every camp holiday to ensure we have the most up to date information regarding your child.

The Camp Management Team will be available to discuss any additional points you feel we may need to know to ensure your child's welfare during camp. If your child has any behavioural patterns or special educational needs or disabilities that we should know about in advance, please drop our Customer Care Team a call or an email with full details. They will discuss with you any adjustments or additional arrangements that are require to ensure your child(ren) are best cared for whilst enjoying their holiday.

The email address for our Customer Care Team is - or you can call if you would prefer on 01603 851 000 and our Customer Care Team will be happy to help. To download the camper information form click below.

Medication Administration Form

If your child(ren) require any medication to be administered whilst they are with us at camp, including use of inhalers as and when required, please complete the medication administration form and bring with you and the medication on your child(ren)'s first day. To download the medication administration form click below.

What to wear & bring to camp

We recommend that all children wear well-worn practical clothing and not their favourite brand new clothes. Suitable comfortable footwear such as training shoes are also recommended please refrain from any flip-flops, sandals and heelies as they can create health and safety issues.

We have created a handy 'What to wear & bring checklist' that you can use as a guide. To download click on the button below.

Please note: Parents need to wear their face masks for sign-in and sign-out.

Please ensure you bring your Completed Camper Information, Medication Administration (if applicable) and Horse Rider Registration (if applicable) forms on your child(ren)'s first day. You can find these forms on our camper information forms page.

Do Not Bring

Mobile phones, hand held computer games, iPods/MP3 Players and water pistols/pumps are not permitted on camp at any time. These items will be confiscated and remain in the camp office until the end of a camp day.

Camp Kit 2021

If you have ordered some items from our limited edition 'Celebrating 40 Years' Camp Beaumont range, these will be distributed on the first day of camp.

If you have not yet ordered a t-shirt, hoodie, cap, bag, water bottle or even our 'Bumper Pack' (1 T Shirt, a baseball cap, a bag, a water bottle and 2 wristbands) then please take a moment to look through our camp kit and call us on 01603 851 000 to add this to your booking.

Click here to see our camp kit range.

Check the Weather

We run our camps all year round so it is essential to consider the weather to ensure your child(ren) are fully prepared.

When hot and sunny - Sun cream, sun hat and water bottles are essential.

When cold and wet – Warm clothes, waterproof coat and water bottles are essential.

We try to get outside as much as possible all year round so appropriate clothing for this will ensure your child(ren) gets maximum enjoyment.

Lunch & Snacks

Due to our COVID-19 operating procedures we have suspended our lunch service for the time being, so all children will need to bring a packed lunch and their morning/afternoon snacks. This is with the exception of Mill Hill School, where the canteen is open and we are running a delicious hot lunches menu.

From 2022, a packed lunch can be provided for a fee at most of our camps, otherwise feel free to pack your own child(ren)'s lunch. We would like to encourage a healthy lunch that will give them the fuel for an active day the only thing we don't allow is nuts. – All our camps are nut aware!

If your child(ren) are 3 to 7 we have a mid-morning and mid-afternoon break for a snack. Snacks are not provided by camp, so please bear this in mind when packing your child(ren)'s lunch and if you have booked a packed lunch with us that you will need to provide these snacks. Again please ensure these snacks are nut free, we recommend fruit or a snack bar.

It is highly recommended that you include ice blocks in your child(ren)'s lunch box to keep their lunch as fresh as possible as we do not have refrigeration for lunches available onsite.

Swimming Kit

If your camp has a swimming pool then it is recommended that you bring swimming kit for your child on the first day and then you will be able to view the schedule for the week.

Spare Clothes

We recommend that all children in our Playtime group (3 & 4 year olds) bring a spare set of clothes including underwear.

Action Extra Pre-Entry Requirements

Archery academy

Long sleeved top and sturdy footwear (not sandals or open toed shoes)  

Horse Riding (back in 2022)

Riding boots, shoes or wellingtons (sturdy plain and MUST have a small heel. NO TRAINERS). Jodhpurs or long trousers (not tights). If cold and wet a warm waterproof coat is required.

Each child is also required to have a completed Rider Registration Form. This needs to be completed, printed and brought on your child(ren)'s first day of camp. – To download a copy of the rider registration form click here.

Jungle Survival Academy

A change of clothes that you and your child(ren) do not mind getting wet and muddy.

Learn to swim

Swimming Costume & Towel, Swimming cap if your child has long hair.

Soccer school

Training Shoes, Spare tracksuit or T Shirt and shorts.

Tennis academy

Personal rackets if preferred and a spare tracksuit or T Shirt and shorts. We will provide tennis rackets if your child(ren) do not have their own.

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