Playtime Programme

The world is big, but little people turn it around

Our nursery-style Playtime programme combines exceptional care with a whole host of fun interactive activities; encouraging 3 to 4-year-olds to explore and learn in a safe and happy environment.

The programme has been split into 8 sections, specifically designed to offer a mix of stimulating and relaxing activities in a completely safe and secure setting. Energetic play, like bouncy castles, is mixed with quieter times, like storytelling. Your little ones will come home energised and feeling wonderful.

NEW activities for 2021

We are proud to present our re-designed programme, which we have developed with industry experts who also work with Disney. Some of the exciting new activities for our Playtime group include:

  • Dinosaur Discovery
    Stomp and roar in this session all about dinosaurs. Beginning with lots of t-rex races and a hunt to find some dinosaurs, children will then be able to make a dinosaur mask to take home as well as making play dough dinosaur fossils. At the end of the activity children watch a handmade volcano erupt!
  • Giant bubbles
    Children will prepare some bubble mixture before chasing giant bubbles blown by the instructors – they might even get to stand inside a hula hoop bubble too!
  • Bee Bot Coding
    Bee-Bot is a basic robot designed with young children in mind. Throughout this session the group will work together to make Bee-Bot follow some simple commands.
  • Superhero Academy
    Children will be enrolled in a Superhero Academy and led through their challenges by the instructor. They’ll be tested for super speed, super strength, as well as the beginnings of learning to fly in the super jump tests. If they pass their superhero challenges they’ll be able to create a new superhero identity and make an ID card to take home.

View our sample menu to discover more of our brilliant Playtime programme.  

*Please note, activities will vary per date and location. Some of the activities shown in the sample timetable will not be running due to operational COVID-19 guidelines. These will be replaced by other fun activities.

Our early years staff

From the moment children arrive, there’s a smiling friendly face waiting for them. Playtime is managed by an experienced Early Years Manager and our team of Early Years Leaders.
Personal interaction is key and the staff are selected not only for their qualifications but their nature and sensitivity towards younger children. Staff to child ratio of 1:8 is observed at all times.

Please note children must be dry and out of nappies to take part in our Playtime programme.

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