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When should I apply?

This really depends on when you are hoping to work, for February we recommend applying in early January, for Easter onwards we recommend applying as soon as you can because the earlier you apply and attend an assessment day the more chance you have of getting the role you want with us.


What role should I apply for?

Because we offer such a large programme of activities we have loads of roles to choose from! Our advice is to pick a role that you feel you are most suited to but also one that you will really enjoy. To view all our job roles click here...


How old do I need to be to work for you?

For all positions you will need to be 18 years or older, for the Operational and some of the Management roles you will need to be over 21 years old for insurance and/or regulatory purposes.


Can I apply for more than one role with you?

Yes, in fact we recommend that you do, this will give us more scope to place you and will ultimately give you more chance of getting a job with us.


I can’t work the full holiday period, should I still apply?

Yes, we usually like to take individuals that can work the whole period of our Half Term and Easter camps, however in the summer we ask that you do a minimum of 4 consecutive weeks.


I live outside the UK, can I still work for you?

Of course you can, however you must have accommodation in or around London and have the right to work in the UK permit/visa. You will also need to provide a police check from your country of residence to pass our background checks.


Do you provide accommodation for staff?

As we offer Day Camps only we do not have any accommodation that we can provide, please ensure you live or can make arrangements to live within a sensible distance of the camp you are applying to work at. If you are looking to work at a residential camp then check out our sister company - Kingswood Camps


Will you carry out any background checks on me?

Yes we will, every candidate must have a valid DBS check to work for us. We can arrange this for you but there is a small cost of £44 which is passed on via your first salary payment. Camp Beaumont in no way profits from these checks, if we had our way it would be free!

We do accept any current DBS where the candidate has signed up to the DBS Update service with a previous employer. – In this case there will be no charge for the check. 


I have a criminal record, can I still apply?

You can still apply but you must declare the conviction or caution on the application form. Camp Beaumont do not automatically discriminate against candidates with a criminal record however the following considerations will be taken into account when assessing your suitability to work with children:

  • Nature of offence and relevance when working with children.
  • How long ago the offence was committed.
  • Whether the candidate disclosed the offence on their original application form or not.
  • Satisfactory references received from 2 previous jobs when working with children.

Please note that Camp Beaumont Day Camps is exempt from the 'Rehabilitation of Offenders Act'.


Once I have applied, how long will it be until I hear?

We aim to get back to you as soon as we can, normally you have to wait no longer than a week, however the closer we get to the summer the busier we are with applications so we ask for your patience throughout this time. Feel free to give us a call to check on the status of you application if you haven't heard back after two weeks.

On Camp

What hours will I work?

This depends on your position:

  • Our Management Teams work up to 45 hours per week.
  • Our Head Group Leaders and Early Years Coordinators generally work 42.5 hours per week.
  • The rest of our staff team will work generally anything up to 37.5 hours per week. With the exception of our transport group leaders who may work a few more depending on their route.

You will be sent your rota in advance of the camp via the Hub, available through the Fourth app, you must ensure that when you arrive at camp you clock in and when you leave to ensure you are paid correctly.


Will I get any breaks throughout the day?

Yes you do, you get a 1 hour unpaid break per day, this can be split up throughout the day as per the needs of the camp. e.g. you may have a 15 minute break in the morning and in the afternoon and 30 minutes for lunch.


Do I get any uniform?

Our staff and operations teams will receive two t-shirts and a hooded sweatshirt for your uniform, we ask that you wear dark bottoms, sports leggings or shorts and sturdy training shoes. You should not wear denim or casual leggings, ugg boots, flip flops, hiking boots or little pumps etc.

Management team members will receive two polo shirts, a zip neck fleece and a soft shell jacket, again we ask that you wear dark bottoms, sports leggings or shorts and sturdy training shoes. You should not wear denim or casual leggings, ugg boots, flip flops, hiking boots or little pumps etc.

Everyone will also be issued with a green lanyard which must be worn at all times whilst on site.


When will I get paid?

Usually you will get paid on the 1st of the month or first working day after this, however if you work in the last week of any given month then you may miss the payroll deadline and be paid the following month. All pay dates are sent to you in your welcome pack.

If you have any general queries about your pay then email


What happens if I’m sick?

Contact you camp manager as soon as possible and they will make arrangements to cover you, please do not try and come to camp if you are sick as it is very easy for illness to spread in this environment.



After Camp

What happens if I would like to work at the next camp?

If you have had a great camp with us and your appraisals are good we will contact you to establish your availability for the next camp, if you want to let us know that you are keen though - it won't hurt to drop us a quick email.


Will I receive my P45 after camp ends?

No, everyone who we employ is on a casual contract, if you would like a P45 at any point then you simply need to drop us an email and request one. This will then be issued and sent to you.

Email to request a P45, please note that should you wish to work for us again you will need to go through the whole onboarding process once again.