Keeping everyone safe at Camp Beaumont

May 19, 2020
Cristina Russell

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10 ways we keep everyone safe at camp:

1.Reduced camp capacities

We have reduced our camp capacities at every Camp Beaumont location. Local teams will implement the latest social distancing requirements at all times.

2. Group Bubbles of up to 15 children

We are operating the Group Bubble system where required (5 years and older) which will include a maximum of 15 children and 2 Group Leaders whilst maintaining our ratios of 1:8 (3-7yrs old) and 1:12 (over 8’s). Our Group Bubbles will remain consistent each day and will avoid mixing with other groups. Each week a child attending Camp Beaumont will only mix with group containing a maximum of 14 other children.

3.Programme adjustments

We have suspended our ‘Action Extra’ and ‘Roaming Activity Programme’ until the summer at the earliest to ensure that we can keep our Group Bubbles consistent. Only one Group Bubble per activity area will be allowed at any one time, and we will be suspending our Friday afternoon parent review show. Weather permitting we will be spending as much time in the outdoor environment as possible and making use of our fantastic host schools grounds.

Swimming -Swimming is currently restricted. We are working with our host school partners to determine whether we can safely re-introduce swimming to the programme at these venues in 2021.

4. Onsite Signage

Floor tape will be used where queuing is necessary, especially in the Temperature Check and Sign in/out areas to ensure families remain 1 meter plus apart. We will have abundant signage explaining our adapted processes as well as reminding all those at Camp to keep the highest levels of hygiene and adhere social distancing requirements. All parents are asked to wear a mask for sign in/sign out.

5.Personal Protective Equipment

Our teams will be issued with Personal Protective Equipment to enable them to carry out their roles safely throughout 2021. When you arrive at camp our teams in the Sign In/Out areas will all be wearing full face clear visor masks to allow for that friendly interaction that you come to expect from the Camp Beaumont Team.Throughout the day all of our teams are required to wear masks whilst moving between activity areas, when leading activities these can be removed. For more intimate care, including first aid, our teams have access to disposable aprons,masks and gloves.

6.Hygiene & Enhanced Cleaning Measures

Every young guest and team member will be asked to wash their hands thoroughly between each activity. Soap will be readily available in hand washing areas. Hand sanitiser will be accessible at each sign-in desk for every child to use when they enter and leave Camp. In addition, numerous hand sanitiser stations will be accessible at locations throughout each school site and our team will also be issued with personal hand sanitiser.

Surfaces, toilets and high touch areas (e.g. door push plates, door handles) will be cleaned with disinfectant every hour - led by the COVID Secure Coordinators hourly checklists. Extra time at the end of each activity will allow for all children and employees to wash their hands or use hand sanitiser as well as wiping down equipment/resources that have been used and storing them correctly for the next group to use.

7. COVID Secure Camps

It is the responsibility of everyone to ensure that they do not attend camp if they have and/or are displaying any symptoms of COVID-19.Equally, no one should attend camp if they have come into contact with anyone who has tested positive for or shown symptoms of COVID-19 in the 10 days prior to attending. Every child and team member will have their temperature checked on the way into camp Sign In area.

We have COVID Secure Coordinators onsite to manage all of the hygiene, daily temperature checks and ensure our ‘Keeping Everyone Safe’policy is implemented strictly across the Camp. Say hello, these team members will be among the first friendly faces you will see each day.  

8. Contactless sign in and sign out

We will be operating a contactless Sign In/Out procedure, our Head Group Leaders will sign your children in on your behalf but we will need to know who is collecting and for them to bring photographic ID. Our socially distanced Sign In/Out areas will be strictly managed to ensure they don’t become too busy but please note it may take slightly longer to sign in than normal.

9. Staggered lunch times

Lunch boxes will not be available for purchase from Camp Beaumont until the summer at the earliest,so parents will need to provide their child with their own lunch. Lunch breaks will be staggered to ensure groups do not come in to contact with each other.In addition, thorough hand washing will take place before and after lunch.


We will maintain excellent communication with our parents and teams to update everyone on any changes to our management of the ‘Keeping Everyone Safe’ policy. As well as ensuring everyone is well prepared to experience another outstanding holiday with Camp Beaumont. Should you have any questions or concerns please email our dedicated Covid email address –

If youhave any further questions about health and safety at Camp Beaumont visitour Frequently Asked Questions


ill aim to respond as soon as we can.

My little one had a great time at Camp Beaumont! When your 5 year old doesn't even look back when you wave them off in the morning - you know they're doing something great.

Parent, Trustpilot, 2021
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