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Multi-activity day camps for 8-11 year olds

On your marks, get set and go!

Active offers guaranteed excitement, fun and friendship. Young campers can reach new heights, learn new skills and enjoy plenty of healthy outdoor activities on this programme which will make their school holidays extra memorable.

Developing interests

Children set their own pace on the Active programme. Whether they love high energy sports or can’t get enough of arts and crafts and design, an Active experience has something for everyone. Designed to build confidence, inspire children to learn more about themselves through teamwork and most of all have fun, they’ll be spoilt for choice with the activities. 

NEW activities for 2021

We are proud to present our newly re-designed programme, developed by some of the best minds in the business. Our new Active programme includes the following exciting additions: 

  • Aqua Olympics
    This pool-based session pits participants against one another in a variety of races and games. Including swimming races, chariot races and water ball games.
  • Tri Golf Tour
    This activity gets the group moving around the site, aiming for different ‘holes’ to score points. The group also get the opportunity to build their own holes.
  • Movie Maker
    The 8-11’s will be provided with storyboards to plan out their movie. The teams will then design props and allocate roles before filming.
  • Wet, Wild and Wacky
    These land-based water games will be enjoyed by all. The group will play games like water balloon volleyball, sponge tag and capture the pistol, as well as getting the chance to splat their instructor with water.

Discover more of our brilliant new activities in our new sample timetable. 

*Please note, activities will vary per date and location. Some of the activities shown in the sample timetable will not be running due to operational COVID-19 guidelines. These will be replaced by other fun actives.

Upgrade your child's Active programme with one of our Action Extras...