School Holiday Camps Berkshire

Berkshire is the original home of Camp Beaumont. We launched our multi-activity holiday programme in Berkshire over 40 years ago and are now running multiple children’s school day camps across the UK. However, Berkshire holds a special place in our hearts, which is why we host camps at five amazing locations here, including Reading, Windsor, Old Windsor, and Wellington.

Our Camps

We run a range of camps throughout the year cover all the school holidays. Day camps for school holidays are great for kids as well as parents. Not only do they provide a fun place to go in the holidays but kids also get to meet new people, learn new skills and interact with people outside of a school setting. Our camps also make the perfect solution to the childcare issue the holidays always bring for families where parents or carers work full time. They reduce disruption for the adults and make for the perfect holiday activity for the children. Our camps are jam packed full of fun things to do all based around age groups.

Berkshire Summer Camps

We run a number of summer camps across Berkshire offering fun, learning and something great to do in the summer holidays. We cater for ages from 3 right up to teens with age appropriate activities for each group.

Half Term Day Camps in Berkshire

Our half term camps are the perfect solution for parents and carers needing somewhere fun and safe for the kids to go in the holidays. They are also a great way to spend the half term break for kids too. They can make new friends, try new things and generally make the break a really positive experience whether it’s the February, May or October half term holiday.

Easter Holiday Camps Berkshire

The Easter holidays is always one kids really look forward to and need after a long winter term. We run Easter camps at a number of locations across Berkshire all of which offer a fun packed way to spend the holidays. For parents and carers the longer Easter holiday can be a childcare challenge so our day camps can be a fantastic solution.

Winter School Holiday Camps Berkshire

The Christmas or Winter break is often one that proves hard to keep kids entertained in. The dark evenings and the general run up to Christmas and post festive lull can be tricky. We run day camps for kids from 3 to teen over the Winter school holidays in loads of locations across Berkshire. Perfect for parents and carers who work full time and the ideal way to keep kids busy and entertained.

Day Camps For Ages 3-4 Years

Our Playtime Programme for ages 3-4 is about sparking imagination and nurturing curiosity. At this age, children are still discovering all sorts of exciting things about the world around them and Camp Beaumont treasure being part of that journey. With a range of interactive stimulating activities, we balance the energetic play 3-4 year olds need, with those calmer activities that ensure they don’t become overstimulated or overtired.

Recently, highlights for our preschool day camps have included giant bubbles, dinosaur themes, superhero academy and the use of Bee-Bot, a robot designed to teach very young children the very basics of programming. Berkshire day camps for pre-schoolers take place in Reading, Windsor, Old Windsor and Wokingham.

Day Camps For Ages 5-7 Years

Available at all Berkshire locations; our Magic Programme keeps the 5-7 year olds busy during the school holidays. The first few years of school are tiring for young children and they deserve to let loose in the school holidays. However, you may find that now they are used to their days being filled with structured activities and play and learning routines, they get bored easily without school. That’s where Camp Beaumont comes in. Our junior programme has been expertly devised and the most recent additions include coding fun, junior yoga, aqua attack (water-based sports activities) and Robin Hood juniors where we introduce the children to archery through interactive role-playing games.

Berkshire Day Camps For Ages 8-11 Years

Children 8-11 years old in Berkshire can enjoy our Active Programme which does what it says - keeps kids active. During school holidays, especially in our high-tech world, it’s all too easy for children to indulge in too much screen time and gaming. Having a well-deserved break from book learning though does not mean children shouldn’t be stimulated in other ways. Our day camps for 8-11 years introduce children to a whole array of sports and artistic activities, especially those they might not get the opportunity to experience at school. Our aqua Olympics, tri golf tour and movie maker sessions, where children get to plan storyboard, design and film their own movie, are just some of the creative and energetic activities we have in store at our Berkshire day camps.

Teens Day Camps In Berkshire

Wellington, Reading and Old Windsor all offer day camps for children aged 12-14 years old. This age group have so much to offer and prefers to take a leading role in planning how they wish to spend their time at Camp Beaumont. That’s why we introduced the ‘chill and choose’ approach to our Teens Programme. We present a range of activities and allow these older children to follow the path most suited to their personality and what most takes their interest. Choosing is not often easy, with a selection of cool experiences to choose from, our instructors put a lot of research into planning a programme designed to keep teens engaged in the school holidays. Our day camps for teens in Berkshire provide children with an opportunity to pursue interests not usually covered in the national curriculum. With plenty of artistic and sporting activities, highlights of current programmes include a festival experience and even the opportunity for kids to explore their skills on the DJ decks.