Snowman bowling pins

December 3, 2020
Cristina Russell

Recycle old cans or toilet rolls for a super easy craft for the kids this festive season. Your little ones will love creating these with the chance to make each an individual character with their own name. Once their set of six pins (or more) are created, they'll also have a brilliant game to play with the rest of the family for hours of fun over the holiday.    

Here's what you'll need...

  • Six old cans or toilet rolls
  • An old newspaper
  • A paintbrush
  • Some white paint
  • Orange paint or orange card
  • Some black paint or a black marker pen
  • A few metres of wool/other material
  • Scissors
  • A pencil
  • Glue
  • A small ball or a large marble (if you're using toilet rolls)
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How to create your Snowman Bowling Pins

  1. Place a large piece of newspaper on a table to protect its surface, and have all tools (listed above) to hand
  2. Paint the toilet rolls or cans completely with white paint and allow to dry
  3. Using a pencil, mark up where you would like the eyes, nose (if you want to paint it) and smile to go
  4. With either the black marker pen or some paint, draw or paint small round dots for the eyes and five or six larger dots to form a smile
  5. Using your pencil again, draw a small triangle shape on a piece of orange card for the 'carrot' nose, or paint this directly onto your can/toilet roll with the orange paint
  6. Allow your snowmen to completely dry
  7. Meanwhile, cut three pieces of approx. 30cm of wool and plait into a scarf with a knot at both ends
  8. Once your snowman is dry, add some glue where you would like the scarf to go, tie the scarf around and press into place
  9. When the glue is dry, your snowman bowling set is ready to go!
  10. To play, stack the snowmen and take turns to bowl with a large marble or small ball. Whoever knocks the most down is the winner! Or there's always best out of three.

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