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It’s time! Time for a break from lessons, for some sun (hopefully) and some FUN!

As the kids wind down from their long year at school, you’ll no doubt be thinking of ways to keep them entertained over the holidays (especially as you may still be working).

Have you ever considered a day camp?

If you’re looking for a summer holiday club option or childcare solution, we believe that day camps are the perfect solution to keep your children busy, engaged and active. At Camp Beaumont, we are excited to be running our summer camps with a new theme each week over the holidays - with related themed activities.

Here is just a sample of what we have in store across all of our 15 camps…

Superhero Summer Camp

Does your child dream of being a superhero? Now is the perfect time to become one (not literally - no radioactive spiders have been spotted at camp…). Kids can come in dressed as their favourite comic book superhero (or supervillain), and our team will join in too! Taking it up a notch, we will all get crafty by making masks and props to aid every hero’s superpowers.


Big Summer Sports Week

Feeling excited for next year’s Olympics? The Big Summer Sports Week will keep aspiring athletes active, whilst enjoying a bit of healthy competition and working together in teams. Including a variety of sports and races, plus the chance to see who can make the best team banner. As seen at school sports days, we’ll have our own version of the “parent/teacher race”, which will see our team of leaders having their own competition to see who is the fastest (and no doubt, the most competitive).


All around the World

Camp Beaumont will be taken all around the world in this week that will be brimming with culture. Campers will make themselves a passport, which will be their ticket to different “continents” (areas of camp). Each age group will be given a continent to learn about and to teach to the other groups, learning about the language, culture and history. Insightful, engaging and educational, children will come away with new found knowledge and a new interest in other cultures.


King of the Jungle

Unleash the explorer within, channel your inner Tarzan and generally monkey around! With parts of the camp adopting a jungle theme in decor, your child will make an animal mask to disguise themselves with; can hear the animals call for them in a group scavenger hunt, and even make “monkey snacks” with sweet worms and frozen bananas dipped in chocolate. A perfect option to get creative in this camp week with a jungle twist.


Hawaiian Beach Party

Aloha! Let’s turn camp into a staycation to remind us of those warmer days. Campers can make their own grass skirt, beach themed decorations and refreshing juice drinks – and anything else we need for a colourful, exotic beach party.


And that’s only the beginning...

School’s out, let’s have some fun!


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