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Halloween Crafts and Treats

Ghoulishly good frozen banana ghosts, creepy pineapple lanterns and monster rocks; there are so many ways to get crafty this Halloween. Create treats your kids will love, and have fun creating them together. Here are some of our favourites:

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Make your own slime

What you’ll need: PVA glue, baking soda, green food colouring, contact solution, baby oil, bowl and spoon.
Difficulty rating = A little fiddly but easyish

  1. Step one: Create the base of the slime
    Add ½ a cup of translucent PVA glue, ½ a teaspoon of baking soda and 1 drop of green food colouring (you could even add glitter too) into a bowl and then mix all together.
  2. Step two: Activate the slime
    Add two tablespoons of contact lens solution, which is the slime activator and kid friendly to use, if the consistency is a little stiff another little bit if needed, then add a drop of baby oil for extra stretch-ability. It’s ready when the slime sticks to itself and not the side of the bowl.
Slime halloween

Pineapple lanterns

What you’ll need: A pineapple, small candle, matches, a sharp knife and spoon
Difficulty rating = Difficult. These are a little harder to carve than pumpkins but look amazing!

  1. Step one: With a sharp knife cut off the top off the pineapple and keep it to one side for later.
  2. Step two: Cut a cross in the middle of the core down to the bottom but not through it.
  3. Step three: Cut around the cross (without cutting the edge) so it’s easy to scoop out the inside with a spoon. You may need the knife to cut another cross into the core and follow the same steps to fully remove the middle. 
  4. Step four: Now for the fun bit! Cut some triangles for eyes, and cut a smile in leaving a few teeth for extra effect.
  5. Step five: Put the small candle inside, light it and then pop the pineapple head back on as a lid, and voila!
Pineapple jack o lantern 1

Pumpkin stress balls

What you’ll need: Orange balloons, a bag of rice, some green wool, a bit of glue and a black marker pen
Difficulty rating = Easy

  • Step one: Fill the balloons with rice and tie the top.
  • Step two: Cut some green wool and glue to the top.
  • Step three: Draw a creepy face on them – we said this was easy!
Pumpkin stress ball

Painted monster rocks

What you’ll need: Small or large rocks and some green and orange paint (or your colour of choice) and black paint
Difficulty rating = Easy

  • Step one: Paint the stones in one colour.
  • Step two: Draw a creepy face on them – another easy one! 
Painted rocks

Frozen banana ghosts – they taste so much like ice-cream!

What you’ll need:  A small bowl, 200g of white chocolate, 4 medium-large ripe bananas, 85g of desiccated coconut, a handful of dark chocolate drops, baking parchment paper, a pastry brush and lolly sticks
Difficulty rating: Fairly difficult

Find the full method, as well as so many other ghoulish treats here

frozen banana ghosts 03c1df8

October half-term Camp for extra Halloween fun

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Disclaimer: Please take extra care when creating the above as there are some risks involved. 

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