Get Dancing for Your Mental Health

May 13, 2024
Cristina Russell

Something that’s stuck, since we started Camp Beaumont day camps all those years ago (42 years to be exact), is the value of a good morning dance to invigorate both the body and mind. This Mental Health Awareness Week we’re telling everyone to start your day with a dance! All Camp Beaumont alumni will remember the Wake Up, Shake Up dance. It’s a dance that not only breaks the ice on a camper’s first day, but also fosters wellbeing. Dancing is free, easy to fit into your day, and best of all can involve yours or your child’s favourite music.

Have a go at our Wake Up, Shake Up dance!

(recorded for our Camp Beaumont at home sessions during lockdown in February 2021)

Routine one: Wake Up, Shake Up with baby shark. Watch here

Routine two: Wake Up, Shake Up and move your body. Watch here

Here's how dance improves mental health in children (and adults):

  1. Creates happiness
    Seeing your child dancing alone is joyous, add to that the chance to stretch and move your body and you’ll feel great.
  2. Improves relationships
    Laughing with your child whilst doing a silly dance and dancing together are fantastic bonding experiences.
  3. Boosts brain function and fosters creativity
    By focusing on rhythm, balance and movement your brain is having its own workout.
  4. Nurtures self-esteem
    It helps us be expressive and feel more comfortable in our own skin.
  5. Improves mood
    Dancing can help release endorphins which can boost mood by reducing feelings of stress.

Keep dancing!

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You’re the only camp in the area that has truly made an effort to provide a great offering during these current times. You have saved me from insanity and provided my children some normality during the summer holidays and half term.

Parent, Claremont Fan School, October 2020
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