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It's Family Quiz Time!

A little different to the normal quiz, our family quiz not only tests your team’s knowledge but also their speed! This quiz can be played with loved ones via Zoom, as long as everyone promises no cheating. So… here’s how to play.

Depending on numbers, you could either play individually or in teams. Each team should have three challenges to take part in. Choose a quizmaster to read out the challenges, and you're ready to play. Challenges should be completed in the order below, with the bonus question used to pick the first team to play, who will then go on to choose who should go next, and pass the baton on.

One more thing... team members can choose who to nominate within their own teams for the challenge. May the best person/team WIN!

  1. Film challenge: Name three Disney films where an animal is one of the lead characters
  2. Household challenge: You have sixty seconds to find two items that are green and bring them back to the group. Quick!
  3. Spelling challenge: A member of the opposing team (who has the youngest team player) can choose any word for you to spell
  4. Astronomy challenge: Name all the major planets in the solar system (for little ones, naming one planet will be accepted)
  5. Animal challenge: The quizmaster should make three animal noises. All need to be guessed correctly to win
  6. Maths challenge: By adding all the ages of the quiz players together, what number do you get? (an answer with up to a ten year difference will be accepted)
  7. Household challenge: Bring to the group something that reminds you of Italy. Hurry, you have sixty seconds.
  8. Music challenge: Without singing, the quizmaster should speak the lyrics of a verse to a well-known Christmas song.
  9. Geography challenge: Name ten countries and their capitals (for little ones, one country and its capital will be accepted)
  10. Bonus round. Pictionary challenge: Draw an item of food. The quickest to guess what it is wins.

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