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Festive bingo!

Christmas cake 38! That really is a thing! It's hard to find a better family game than bingo. Originating back in the 1500s - can you believe it - bingo is a game of pure luck and can be enjoyed by all ages. Whether playing at home or via Zoom - it is possible! We've created a FREE download for you to enjoy this festive season.

How to play

All you need to do is download our FREE bingo cards (for each player) and the set of image squares for the bingo caller. If playing over Zoom, each household will need to download their separately bingo cards separately. 

The rules are simple. The bingo caller cuts and folds-up their set of image squares, so they are not visible, and places them into a hat/bowl. They'll then select an image square and call out what they see. With a pen, each player crosses out any squares that are called. The player that crosses out every square on their bingo card first needs to then shout 'BINGO' to win. Good luck!


Download your FREE bingo set

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