Create with Camp Beaumont: Valentine's Day Cards

February 5, 2020
Cristina Russell

It's time for another Create with Camp Beaumont, this month we're making Valentine's Day Cards! This is a great way to show your love and appreciation for your loved ones over Valentines!

We've put together three tutorials for Valentine's Cards that are easy to make, using affordable items you can pick up at most shops!

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What you'll need!

You don't need many things to create your cards - and some of our craft supplies are optional!

Here is what you'll need to complete all of our designs:

Red Card
White Paper
Permanent Markers
Scissors (Please ensure your child is supervised if they're handling scissors)
Glue or Adhesive Dots
Themed Stickers (Optional)
Glitter or Glitter Glue Pens (Optional)


Design 1

The first design is very simple and perfect for younger children.

For this all you need is red card, folded in half and a pen! Simply take your pen and write or draw your preferred design.

If you have extra supplies, you can always jazz up your card with stickers and glitter!


Design 2

Our second design is slightly more complicated but still simple and easy to execute!

For this design, we have used heart-shaped stickers but if you don't have access to these - you can cut heart shapes out of coloured card and stick them down using the same pattern!

To put the card together, arrange your heart shapes into the bouquet you'd like before sticking them down. Then take your marker, pen or pencil and draw your stems and bow. We'd recommend using a pencil and then drawing over it.

You can then start sticking your hearts down and will create a beautiful heart bouquet!

Here you can customise in any way you'd like and write your personal message inside.


Design 3

This is the pop-up heart card! This is a great card to make this Valentine's Day as it's simple to create and looks so impressive!

Here are the steps you need to take to make your pop up card.

1. Take a sheet of red card - fold it in half and cut a heart along using the folded line as a guide so that it's perfectly symmetrical.
2. Take a sheet of plain A4 paper, fold this in half and draw around one half of your heart, making sure that the centre of the heart on your white paper is the edge of the fold. Draw two small lines in the top corners of your heart, you'll need these later.
3. Cut the lines of your pencil-drawn heart on the A4 but make sure you leave the two small sections drawn in step 4 connected. They will form the structure of your pop-up card.
4. Now you need to take your heart cut out and fold it in your piece of A4 to ensure that the lines are stiff and structured.
5. From here, you should be able to see your pop-up heart forming.
6. You can then take your glue stick or adhesive and glue your piece of A4 to your red card.
7. You should now see how your pop-up card will wow your loved one.
8. Take your red-card heart from the beginning of this tutorial and stick it to your pop up heart.
9. And that's it! You can now decorate your card with any extras that you fancy. We've added glittery hearts to ours.

If you'd prefer to see a video tutorial of this, check out this handy video by Zainab at Craft and Creation

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