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Cook with Camp Beaumont: Pancakes!

One of the best days of the year has come round again – it’s Shrove Tuesday! Shrove Tuesday is known popularly as Pancake Day, meaning pancakes for Dinner (and breakfast…lunch…and maybe a little snack).

We’ve put together simple pancake recipes from BBC Good Food for the whole family! Check them out here!

Traditional Pancakes

BBC Good Food Perfect Pancakes recipe

If you’re looking for traditional lemon-and-sugar pancakes, follow this fool-proof recipe. Toppings can be customised and this can even be made savoury if that is your preference!

selective focus of pile of pan cakes 730922 min

Gluten Free Pancakes

BBC Good Food Gluten Free pancakes

Gluten free does not have to mean pancake free! Check out BBC Good Food’s brilliant gluten free recipe to make sure everybody gets pancakes this Shrove Tuesday!

blur breakfast close up dairy product 376464

Vegan Pancakes

BBC Good Food Vegan Pancakes recipe

This recipes makes delicious, fluffy vegan pancakes using only six ingredients that you’ll find in the cupboard! Self-raising flour, baking powder, sugar, vanilla extract, plant-based milk of your choice and vegetable oil. Then you just need to jazz them up with toppings!

pancakes with berries on white plate 2732664

Gluten Free and Vegan Pancakes

And if you’re gluten free and vegan, check out this recipe! This recipe uses coconut milk or another dairy free milk of your choice, egg replacer and gluten free flour for a recipe that the whole family can enjoy!

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