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Back to School Tips

Going back to school after the summer holidays is always daunting, every parent can remember the feeling! But after this even longer break. due to the pandemic, we can imagine it’s going to be even harder for children. Adults have been recommended green prescriptions by the NHS with a walk in the great outdoors and gardening listed as ways to improve wellbeing. A breath of fresh air and exercise can really go a long way to helping you feel good – from our own personal experience at Camp Beaumont. Along similar lines, we have put together a list of ways to help prepare your children for that big return to school date, to help make life that bit easier.

1. Establish a routine

This may seem pretty obvious, but creating a routine can encourage confidence and a sense of comfort. Having breakfast early and starting the day with goals whether that’s playtime for an hour outdoors followed by reading and crafts, creating a structured day with timings similar to a typical school day will help children ease back into routine.

CB Back to School Tips Blog Breakfast

2. Re-united and it feels so good!

Re-connecting with friends can make re-integration feel a lot less stressful, even if those friends don’t go to the same school. Getting back to being social again and enjoying all the benefits that come from laughing and having a wonderful time is so worthwhile. Feeling socially mobile in a group setting will help adjust back to school-life. Our day camps are particularly good for nurturing friendships and self-belief.

CB Back to School Tips Blog Groups

3. Learn from the trees!

The life cycle of a tree is fascinating. During winter months/tree downtime, their fallen leaves feed back into the soil which then enables the tree to nourish itself ready for its leaves to sprout bright and green ready for the next season. The takeaway from this is that you could talk about these months of downtime in a positive way ahead of getting ready for the next school year starting. Learn from nature and be like a tree!

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4. Crafternoons please

Expressing how you feel whether that’s through writing, painting or drawing can be so cathartic. Some children may find it easier to let their parent know what’s on their mind through arts and crafts. When you link crafty activities with describing positive experiences like an adventure or exciting day out, it can go a long way to improving wellbeing.

CB Back to School Tips Blog Crafts

5. Get active and outside!

Keep pyjama days for the weekend! Lie-ins and pyjama days are great, but spending all day indoors in pyjamas can also be quite demotivating. Get active in the great outdoors and you will feel re-energised and ready to take on the world/new school year in no time. You could create your own version of P.E with Joe Wicks – which we truly loved - but outdoors in a garden or local park and get fit as a family.

CB Back to School Tips Blog Active Play

Need a hand? Book a day camp with us this summer. Camp Beaumont is fantastic for ‘getting back to school’ preparation, and is packed with activities for 3 to 16 year olds to enjoy. It’s a great place to socialise, meet new friends and feel ready to start the new school term.

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