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At-home activities for the family this summer

After another year of routine at school, it’s nearly time for the children to have a bit of time out.  

Even the little ones get tired and jaded and need time just to play; while the teens are looking for something interesting and exciting to do to keep them entertained over the next few weeks. As parents, grandparents and guardians, on the one hand you are looking forward to some time off to spend with the family, but there’s always that age old enigma: what will we do with the children?

We understand and are here to help!

Here are some ideas to get you going with ideas of things to do at home or locally over summer to get your children active, entertained and busy. Setting up even just one activity a day will make all the difference as a boredom buster.

Build an obstacle course

In your very own back garden, you can easily set up a cool obstacle course out of items from your house or garden shed: hula hoops, rope, water hoses, pogo sticks and old bits of wood. Spread them out around the garden and time your children as they go around it, then see if they can beat their time.

Get crafty in the sunshine

There’s no need to restrict arts and crafts to being an indoor activity. Move your paint pots and glue outside for a relaxing yet productive time in the outdoors. Try making mosaics, masks, ribbon twirling sticks or just stick to your basic painting and colouring. The possibilities are endless and it will pass the time nicely – plus, less cleaning up to do!

Neighbourhood Olympics

Got neighbours with families too? Invite everyone for a daytime sports day at the nearest park, in the street (if safe!) or in someone’s garden. Set up both kids and adults running races, relays, jumping contests and even throw in an egg and spoon race for good measure. You could even bring in prizes or medals and reward everyone with “taking part” incentives of some nice refreshments.

Get your chef’s hat on

There will no doubt be a rainy day or two over summer, so be prepared and stock up some emergency ingredients for a day of cooking and baking. We’d recommend something where kids can get a little creative and hold their interest. Pizza making always goes down well, as kids can choose their toppings and make shapes or faces out of them. Similarly with cupcakes, let them choose their colour of frosting and sprinkles; or make some frozen ice lollies and let them choose their flavour. They’ll love to have something they’re proud of at the end of it – so proud they’ll want to gobble it up!

Be hometown tourists

If you do fancy getting away from the house but don’t want to break the bank, consider doing things around your town that you wouldn’t usually do. Look into special offers and discounts on tourist attractions in your town or city, or go for a general wander and explore the local hidden gems. Perhaps there’s a new tea room that’s opened, or a new pop-up toy shop to visit. Go out and see what’s on your doorstep!

We hope you find these ideas useful – we will post some more of our best advice on how to keep the kids entertained during summer over the next few weeks.

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