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The health and wellbeing of our young guests and colleagues is of upmost importance. Our summer camp programme is set to be even bigger and better this year with brand new activities and brilliant new locations. However, more than ever, the safety and welfare of everyone at Camp Beaumont is our number one priority. Our friendly teams will ensure every day camp is packed with lots of laughs and fun activities, whilst effectively administering the most up-to-date health and safety guidelines.  

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Here are the ten ways we will be keeping everyone safe this summer:

1. Reduced camp capacities
We have reduced our camp capacities at every Camp Beaumont location. Local teams will implement the latest social distancing requirements at all times.


2. Maximum of 12 children per group
Each age group will be limited to a maximum of 12 children. Plus, the Camp Beaumont team members will stay with the same group each day and these groups will not mix with others.


3. Programme adjustments
Activities, such as Kiddy Karts and Zorbs, which move between camps will be suspended for the summer period. Also, our Action Extra programme and all associated activities will be suspended. Only one group per activity area will be allowed at any one time, and we will be suspending our Friday afternoon parent review show. We will also be outdoors for as much of the day as possible, and will adjust every activity to meet the latest guidance.


4. Clearly visible social distancing signage
Floor signs and tape systems will be used where queuing is necessary, especially in the sign in and out areas to ensure families are 2 meters apart from each other. We will have abundant signage encouraging and reminding all those at a camp to keep the highest levels of hygiene and keep to the local social distancing requirements.


5. Gloves and face masks
Protective gloves and face masks will be available to Camp Beaumont team members if required. All staff will wear gloves and masks when administering first aid.


6. Thorough hand washing and sanitiser stations
Every young guest and team member will be asked to wash their hands thoroughly between each activity. Soap will be readily available in rest rooms. Hand sanitiser will be accessible at each sign-in desk for every child to use when they enter and leave Camp Beaumont. In addition, numerous hand sanitiser stations will be accessible at locations throughout each school site. Team members will also be issued with personal hand sanitiser.


7. Ensure that no one on site is displaying any symptoms
Anyone displaying Coronavirus symptoms will be required not to come to camp until they have met the self-isolation or testing requirements. Should anyone show symptoms whilst at camp, we have robust isolation protocols which will be implemented..  


8. Contactless sign in and sign out
Our registration desks will have at least a 2-metre gap between them with clear signage that separates groups by age. A contact free sign in and sign out process will be completed by our team with hand sanitiser provided at all times. Please note: we will be operating a cash free environment, credit and debit card payments only will be accepted.


9. Staggered lunch times
Lunch boxes will not be available for purchase from Camp Beaumont this summer, so parents will need to provide their child with their own lunch. Lunch breaks will be staggered to ensure groups do not come in to contact with each other, and lunch will be enjoyed outside as much as possible. In addition, lots of hand washing will take place before and after lunch.


10. Enhanced cleaning routines
Touch hotspots will be regularly cleaned with disinfectant wipes throughout the day. Equipment will also be cleaned/disinfected at the end of each activity. Surfaces will be cleaned before and after use, and enhanced cleaning regimes will take place at every Camp Beaumont location.

As we move closer to opening this summer, we will work closely with our outstanding school partners to ensure that the facilities and programmes meet all the requirements of the Department for Education and Public Health England. Some of our plans will no doubt change as this guidance evolves, ensuring that we are doing all we can to keep everyone safe whilst offering an outstanding service to all parents and children.

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If you have any further questions about health and safety at Camp Beaumont, please contact our Customer Services Team by emailing: